Friday, May 15, 2015


Thank you for visiting Takeoff Consulting. We are dedicated to helping our clients to achieve their business and life-goals. We offer business planning, social media, website, and "Life-Chart" services, for all of your personal and business related needs. 

Everyone has unique situations in life, and equally unique dreams that they would like to achieve. No matter how big or small the goal is, we can help send YOU and/or your business in the "right" direction. 

I, Austin Hancock, have always had life-goals that are "above and beyond." I am a 24 year old aviation entrepreneur, with a B.S. in Marketing & Museum Studies (St. John Fisher College.) I am also training to earn my Instrument, Commercial, Flight Instructor, Aerobatic, and Warbird Flight Certifications. My career goals are as follows...

- Operate my own Aviation Business (Flight-School, Warbird Museum, Airshow Performance.)
- Fly as a Corporate/Private Jet Pilot.
- Fly as a Organ Transplant/Med-Evac Pilot.
- Serve as a Warplane Museum Curator/Director/Marketing Specialist.
- Fly WWII aircraft for museums and airshows.

I plan on constructing and operating my own small aviation business, doing the following...

- Serve as a Certified Flight Instructor, specializing in tailwheel and classic (WWII) aircraft training.
- Operate my (future) hangar home as a small museum/inspiration centre, with a Yak-3, T-6, and L-4.
- Perform airshow routines with said Yak-3.
- Hold/host small aviation gatherings.
- Warbird flight chartering and rides (FREE for WWII Vets.)
- Aircraft maintenance and new/reproduction aircraft part machining.
- Hangar home B&B.

I am not a certified life-coach, but rather an energetic entrepreneur who has achieved personal success towards the above life-goals. I feel that the methods I have used to achieve my goals can help YOU as well.